Systems Biomedicine

Bristol Centre for Systems Biomedicine (BCSBmed) is an interdisciplinary centre for training and research funded by the UK Medical Research Council. The mission of BCSBmed is to develop a cadre of interdisciplinary scientists, drawn from mathematically related disciplines, who are motivated and trained to develop the new mathematical, statistical and computational approaches required to make inferences of biomedical importance from dense data. BCSBmed is a major collaboration across 4 faculties within the University of Bristol and parallels the EPSRC funded Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences (BCCS). BCSBmed also complements two other MRC Capacity Building Studentship programmes awarded to the University in 2009 in Systems Neuroscience and Quantitative imaging of cellular dynamics. Within the School of Social and Community Medicine through which BCSBmed students are primarily registered, the programme runs alongside a doctoral training programme in Genetic, Molecular and Lifecourse Epidemiology (Wellcome Trust) and studentships in Causal Analyses in Translational Epidemiology (MRC Centre).